Mr. Sebastian Vincent Fonseka is the founder principal of Loyola College which was started on 2nd February 1949. He served Loyola College for 38 long years. In the parable of the sower it is said 'sow in tears- reap in joy'. For Mr. Fonseka the initial period at Loyola College had been in large measure a matter of sowing in blood, sweat and tears. He had opposition from his parents and family members in his endeavour, except for his brother Mr. John Fonseka who supported him.

Before moving to the Periyamulla church premises the school took the form of a simple thatched shed with forty eight students, situated a little away from the Periyamulla church premises. This was initially a centre for learning English and accommodated school dropouts and those who could not find a school.

Mr. Fonseka considered Loyola College as his eldest son. That shows the deep attachment and love he had for the school. After his marriage he constantly reminded his beloved wife that Loyola College which he considered as his eldest son had to be well looked after. He was determined to enlighten the lives of children by giving them some form of education though in today's context facilities available then were just the bare minimum.

He was the father of one daughter and three sons. His three sons were educated up to the Advanced Level in the same school and two of them are presently in USA after obtaining Degrees as Engineers.

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